When you think of nanotechnology, you might not think about CBD. Here’s the thing: you should. Using pressure to break down molecules, Cannabidiol (CBD) becomes more accessible to the body. What does this mean for you? It means you’re going to experience more of CBD”s amazing benefits.

This is what you need to know about CBD nanotechnology.

What Makes Nano CBD Different?

What’s the difference between CBD and nano CBD? Many things, actually! Nano CBD allows for higher rates of absorption through a variety of already proven delivery methods. Nanoparticles have higher intracellular uptake when compared to microparticles. More specifically, 100 nanoparticles have a 2.5 fold greater uptake than 1 microparticle. Impressive right?

But wait… What does all of this mean?

While CBD molecules are incredibly effective, nano CBD is even more effective. Think about it like this: you have a t-shirt you love, but after a few dozen washes, it’s thinned out, faded, and shrunk. What if you could reorganize your shirt’s atoms so this wouldn’t happen – so that your t-shirt wouldn’t change, degrade, or fade?

Nanotechnology, when applied to CBD, allows us to restructure the way it targets the endocannabinoid system and interacts with your body, all so its amazing benefits are maximized.

What Are the Advantages of Nano CBD?

There are many advantages to utilizing CBD nanotechnology. Nano CBD can surpass many of the barriers where other types of CBD, or anything you consume for that matter, can get “stuck” in the body’s digestive processes. Because of this, nano CBD has numerous advantages.

Not only does nanotechnology improve CBD’s solubility, but it increases bioavailability. In addition, many users take CBD as needed, or as symptoms are developing during the day; another advantage of nano CBD is that its therapeutic effects have a more rapid onset. Next, nano CBD is also water-soluble, meaning it is so easy to integrate into your daily routine! Lastly, one of the best parts of nano CBD is that your dose will be less than your usual amount while still getting the same benefits.

Where else is Nanotechnology Being Used?

Currently, nanotechnology is being used extensively in the medical field. More specifically, nanotechnology is helping scientists develop innovative cancer treatments. Two common cancer treats include chemotherapy and radiation; unfortunately, these treatments also destroy perfectly healthy cells alongside the cancerous ones. With nanotechnology, scientists have found ways to target cancer cells specifically, leaving your healthy ones alone.

Across many industries, nanotechnology is being utilized to help those in need. We are happy to say that at Infinite CBD, we are excited about what the future of nano CBD.

Introducing Nano CBD, by Infinite CBD

Infinite CBD is proud to offer Nano CBD, a new addition to our pure CBD isolate products. CBD nanotechnology will revolutionize the way you benefit from CBD, allowing you to feel better faster. Simply, with nano CBD, you can expect more.

You can find Infinite CBD’s Nano CBD products here.