Infinite CBD just released a new line of Nano CBD products. While Infinite CBD customers have achieved amazing results and found relief with CBD isolate products, we knew we could offer you even more. With Nano CBD, there’s something for everyone.

What is Nano CBD?

The average CBD crystal is about 4.44 micrometers or about 4,440 nanometers. A Nano CBD crystal is about .01 t0 100 nanometers. Quite the size difference! But why?

There are many advantages to Nano CBD. First and foremost, it is more bioavailable. Because of its very small size, Nano CBD is easily absorbed as it travels throughout the body. This increased absorption rate means that you can feel the effects of Nano CBD more rapidly, giving you more immediate relief. Lastly, because Nano CBD is such a small particle, it makes it more versatile; Nano CBD is more soluble, meaning it can be mixed easily with water.

Furthermore, all of these qualities mean that less is more with Nano CBD. Not only will you feel the benefits of Nano CBD faster, but you don’t need to take as much because it is being fully absorbed by the body.

More benefits for less – sounds good, right?

Something For Everyone

Because of Nano CBD’s soluble properties, it is easily integrated into a variety of products, so there’s something for everyone! Currently, there are four versatile Nano CBD products available.

Nano Water

Using water sourced from artisanal Colorado springs, we’ve infused some of the purest water on the plant with Nano CBD. Water is always good for you, but with this integrated CBD nanotechnology, you’ll feel the benefits of CBD and hydration even faster. Bonus: Nano Water easily crosses the blood-brain barrier, which maximizes effects.

Nano CBD Shots

Loaded with nutrients, Nano CBD Shots come in 3 varieties: Detox, Energy, and Rest. Whether you need a boost of energy to get through the day, to recover after a long night out, or to help you get some needed sleep, there’s something for everyone. This delivery method is also discreet and perfect for your on-the-go lifestyle!

Nano Non-Dairy Creamer

Add this wellness boost to any of your favorite beverages this delivery method is perfect for any beverage! Our non-dairy creamer contains Nano CBD, MCT oil, and natural flavors, you’re sure to feel focused and energized. Add to coffee or tea for a delicious flavor boost!

Nano Freezing Point

We’ve combined two effective and bioavailable products: Nano CBD and Freezing Point. This topical nanotechnology eliminates aches and pains by reducing inflammation in sore muscles and joints. If you’re constantly on the go, recovering from a surgery or injury, or just need to soothe bothersome pain, Nano Freezing Point is for you.

Which Nano CBD Product Will You Try?

Using nanotechnology, Nano CBD products are more bioavailable, soluble, and effective. Infinite CBD has created 4 Nano CBD products that will revolutionize the way you benefit from CBD. With these new delivery methods, expect to feel the effects of CBD faster than ever before.

What Nano CBD product will you try? Tell us in the comments!